Watching for Nate to form in the Caribbean, possibly in Gulf by Saturday

While there were no named storms at present time, forecasters say it appears likely that Tropical Storm Nate could form in the Western Caribbean over the next few days.

A broad area of low pressure, now pinned Invest 90L, forms in the southwest Caribbean. Wind shear is incredibly high in the Gulf of Mexico and portions of the western Caribbean. It is much lower in the southwest Caribbean near Invest 90L. This favors gradual organization.

"We don't look anymore out towards Africa -- the Cape Verde season has shut down, for the most part. Where we look for development this time of year is in the Caribbean," said FOX 35 meteorologist Brooks Tomlin. "Too early to tell, but the National Hurricane Center is sending a hurricane hunter aircraft into the system tomorrow and we should get better date for our forecast models."

Invest 90L is expected lift northward through the end of the work week. While upper-level winds will be elevated during this time, water temperatures are warm enough for tropical cyclone development.

Invest 90L heads for the Gulf of Mexico by Saturday morning. It is too early to say where future Nate will head, but interest in the northern Gulf coast from Louisiana to Florida need to stay informed.