1 dead after collision on Florida's Turnpike

A horrific scene played out in the northbound lanes of Florida's Turnpike in Osceola County, after the Florida Highway Patrol said a packed car hauler and a sedan collided. 

“There was a vehicle in front of the car hauler and something happened to where that semi collided with that vehicle,” said Trooper Steve Montiero.  He says one person died on scene.  “We will confirm they were not wearing their seatbelt.”

FHP says there were three others in the car.  “We know there were multiple people inside that car. We are doing our best to confirm ages.  We do know there were children involved in that crash.  The passenger car did not fare well against the big car hauler. The car so crushed, first responders had to cut roof off of the car to get everyone out.  “It’s metal carnage right there. It took us some time to extricate some people out of the car but we were able to remove everyone from the car,” said Trooper Montiero.

The surviving three in the car were rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center by helicopter.  “We do have one that is in serious, very critical condition, the other victims were transported also,” said Trooper Montiero.  He says the scene was so traumatic that it was hard to look at knowing four people were inside that silver car, even for the seasoned FHP troopers.  “When we go out to a scene and there are children’s toys on the ground and there’s backpacks and blankets and we’re talking minutes ago a child was holding onto that. Unfortunately, a crash was involved and someone chose not to wear a seatbelt it went from a normal traffic day to a tragic traffic day.” 

The cause of the crash was not immediately known.  Troopers said the driver of the car hauler was not physically injured.