10 accused of smuggling drugs into Lake County Jail

Ten people have been arrested, accused of smuggling drugs into the Lake County Jail.  Nine of the suspects are said to have extensive criminal histories.

The arrests come after a three-month investigation of individuals who were allegedly slipping contraband through holes in the windows in the visitation area of the Lake County Detention Center and by mailing contraband to the jail. 

Detectives believe inmates used items, including a fire extinguisher pin and a screw, to drill the hole in the windows.  Some of the confiscated items include drugs such as marijuana, Xanax, and Suboxone, as well as cigarettes.

The Suboxone was sent in letters via the U.S. Postal Service hidden beneath the postage stamp.

Other narcotics were left in pieces of trash where inmate work crews were working to clean up roadways. The inmate would then collect the items and bring them into the jail.