2 face human trafficking charges in alleged prostitution ring

Law enforcement officers say they have dismantled a suspected human trafficking ring, arresting two suspects who were using fancy vehicles to get around.

Jason Beaumont, 29, and Jason Beaumont, 27, are charged with human trafficking and racketeering. Investigators say they ran an Internet-based prostitution service while attempting to portray a high-class operation.

According to both the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the suspects used Mercedes-Benz vans and high priced cars to transport the prostitutes. But according to law enforcement officers, the prostitutes were actually victims who were exploited through force, fraud and coercion.

So far, two have been identified and are getting help, but investigators are trying to locate additional victims. Some of them were branded with the initials of one of the suspects.

“Beamont would take all of their money, they would be forced to commit multiple sex acts a day with strangers to get him more and more money. If they came into the organization with money, he would often coerce or take it away from them so they had no financial means to leave or go back home or do anything else," said Ron Stocker with the MBI.  "So what on outside appear to be high lifestyle, is actually a very degrading victimization of these women."

Investigators showed a picture of a tattoo of the letter "J,"  that was branded on the victims. If you see it, report it to MBI or FDLE.  Meanwhile officers say, Beaumont pretended to run a music business and that’s how he met some of his victims.