2 maids accused of stealing credit cards

Ocala Police said a woman hired Merry Maids to clean her home in mid-May.

Brittany Moore and Nichole Blanchard, both 24, showed up and began cleaning.

"While they were cleaning the home, they did a little more than cleaning. They went through some of her dresser drawers," said Ocala Police Captain Louis Biondi.

Police say the now former maids found her hidden credit card and passport and went shopping.

"Snooping, when they really shouldn't have been," Capt. Biondi explained.

The police narrative said the ladies spent almost $40 at Tuffy Auto Center, then walked next door and got nearly $25 worth of food at Golden Corral along State Road 200.

"When they were done cleaning, they went out on the town." explained Captain Biondi.

According to police, the ladies had almost $10 worth of McDonald's, and tried to buy items at a Downtown Ocala store. Police said the ladies even tried to use the stolen passport as ID, all the while still wearing the maid uniforms.

The victim's bank caught the bogus charges and told her. The victim told Ocala police. Nearly $1,200 was stolen, according to police.

"She hires a service to come in, thinking they can be trusted," Captain Biondi said

Fred Surgeon, owner of Merry Maids of Ocala, sent a statement to FOX 35, which reads:

"Our customers’ safety and well-being are our highest priorities and we work diligently to provide them with the utmost service and security. We take this matter very seriously, and can assure the community that this behavior does not reflect the values and standards of our company. Our services are bonded and insured, and we will take care of our customer. We have been contacted by the local police department and are cooperating fully with local authorities."

Ocala Police said the maids were arrested are currently facing charges.