2020 Daytona Truck Meet begins

A busy weekend is in store for Daytona Beach as thousands of vacationers and truck fans pour into the city.

The 2020 Truck Meet, traditionally held in June, was rescheduled for Labor Day weekend because of the pandemic -- adding to the already large holiday crowds.

The event has created tension in the past.

“Considering the fact that they have been here for several years and they haven’t had the best track record, so we’re concerned about their behavior, different things that have accompanied the event in the past,” Mayor Henry said to FOX 35 News.

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While the event is held at the speedway, Mayor Henry said his worry is outside the track.

“Our concern is with the visitors when they are in the community interacting with other businesses interfacing on our beach,” he said. 

The event's website says it’s expecting 35,000 spectators. The Daytona Beach Police Department alerted Friday of increased congestions in areas near the Speedway.

Mayor Henry said he’s hoping for cooperation from truck fans.

“We just want them to come and be wholesome and represent and reflect what we’re trying to build as a brand, the great American destination Daytona Beach family-friendly,” he said. 

FOX 35 News reached out to organizers Thursday but didn’t hear back. Their website noted some changes this year due to COVID-19 such as canceling pre and after-parties.