3 charged in suspected Disney ticket scheme

Undercover detectives with the Orange County Sheriff's Office have filed charges against three people for reselling park hopper passes to Walt Disney World.   Investigators charged Nola Davila, Brett Snyder and Karry Geith with resale of multi-day or multi-event tickets. 

According to investigators, the three were buying and then reselling the tickets from a counter rented in a convenience store just a stone's throw from the Disney entrance off of Highway 535.  Deputies say the trio was buying multi-day passes that still had days left on them, and then reselling them. The arrest affidavit states that two undercover deputies went up to the desk and asked for two two-day tickets.  Investigators say the suspects brought the tickets in from one of their other locations. 

After the undercover deputies paid $260 cash, they were handed two passes and told two names they were supposed to use, according to the arrest affidavit.  Investigators say they were given specific instructions on what to do if they were approached by Disney security.

Authorities says when they had Disney security run the serial number on the tickets, they discovered the passes had already been used for four of the five days they were good for, so there was only one day left on each ticket.  Investigators say they were told by a Disney security investigator that the three suspects in this case are previously known from "trespasses, arrests and or ticket details."

When FOX went to ask about the operation, no one was at the desk in the convenience store where the three were working out of.  When asked how FOX 35 could get in touch with the "Discount Ticket" representatives and how long they had been in business, the clerk inside said he did not know and the owners of the convenience store, who live abroad.

FOX 35 asked a Disney spokesperson if reselling tickets is an issue they've been dealing with.  That spokesperson said "I don't have any information to give you at this time," and referred us to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.