3 hurt when car crashes into stands at Volusia Speedway Park

Part of Volusia Speedway Park will be off limits to race fans and participants after a crash sent three people to the hospital Sunday night. 

A sprint car flew off the track  and through a fence coming out of one of the turns, according to a statement released by the track.  The car landed in a pit area.  That section of the track will be closed for the next six nights of DIRTcar Racing events, the track said.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office one man was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital in critical condition.  Two more were taken by ambulance. 

There have been two crashes in the past week at Volusia Speedway Park that sent cars flying towards spectators and participants.  Race fans told FOX 35 a car flew over a barrier and through a catch fence on Wednesday night, too.  No one was hurt that time and the crashes don’t seem to be keeping people away. 

Wayne Wilson said he was standing near the spot where the car left the track on Wednesday.

"I went right back to that spot about 20 minutes later. I’m not going to let it deter me for having my time. I only do this once a year, it’s my vacation,” Wilson said.

World Racing Group has run Volusia Speedway Park since 2005.  They say, until now, the safety measures they have in place have done their job.   There is no state law covering what kind of barriers tracks are required to have or where.  That is left up to the tracks and their insurance companies. 

“They have it posted on the fence stay away from the fence. To tell you the truth the closer I get the more I like it,” Wilson said.