3 savings hacks to tackle your summer home to-do list

Your summer home projects to-do list may seem endless. FOX 35 is working to help you save money and check some items off that list with our latest Summer Savings segment.

Where to shop:

One consumer expert says when it comes to finding items to bring your home or backyard to life - start on social media. 

Check out Facebook Market Place, your community neighborhood group, or Craigslist. This is a time when people are putting their homes on the market. So, you could help them by taking furniture off their hands and snagging their gently used items could help stretch your dollar. 

"I'm a big fan of reading into reviews, looking at seller profiles. Want to feel like I have some comfort level. With Facebook Marketplace, you're dealing with someone who is in your neighborhood. So, I feel more comfortable," said Josh Elledge, Savings Angel. 

When to shop:

Consumer experts say if you can find the perfect item on social media, May is the best summer month to hit the big box stores to shop. 

"If you're looking at outfitting your backyard, May is the month to do it," said Josh Elledge, Savings Angel, "There are going to be so many sales and incentives. The reason why, this is the month consumers are looking to buy - so retailers are competing to get your buying dollars. So, please use that to your advantage." 

Savings after you shop:

Consumer experts suggest holding on to your receipt and reading the fine print. Some stores may honor price drops after your purchase. You may be able to take your receipt back to the store as proof of purchase and get a little money back based on the price difference.