3-year-old hit during possible drive-by shooting recovering: 'I just want justice,' dad says

A three-year-old girl is continuing to recover after she was inadvertently shot at an apartment complex last month during a possible drive-by shooting, according to her family.

Her parents told FOX 35 on Monday that Zeriyah no longer needs the bandages around her arm where she was shot.

"Zariyah, how are you feeling?" I asked her.

"Good," she said.

It's been almost two months since Zeriyah was secured in her car seat when the shooting happened at Hidden Creek Villas. The Orange County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating the shooting and looking for those involved, however, no suspect descriptions or vehicle descriptions have been released.

Shortly after the shooting happened, Zeriyah's dad told FOX 35 that one of the bullets went through the truck, through the backseat, and struck Zeriyah. Fortuntely, her injuries were non-life-threatening.

"It healed up real nice. I’m relieved. There was no damage really, just a broken bone. She had no muscle tear. She’s back to her normal self, just gotta get her use to full motion, range of her arm."

Her dad, Thomas, said he's concerned because no arrests have been made – nearly two months later. 

"I just want justice for my baby that’s it. I just wish something will come to the plate where they’ll eventually catch whoever did, what they did to my daughter," he said.

"God has a way of doing everything and everything happens for a reason. It wasn’t her time to go. I’m blessed, thank the Lord."

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact Orange County Sheriff's Office or Crimeline, 800-423-TIPS.