TSA screened over 11 million travelers during 2022 Fourth of July weekend

Travelers with TSA PreCheck were able to travel with ease this past holiday weekend.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened 11.3 million travelers during the Fourth of July weekend and continued to stop 17 firearms per day only halfway into the year.

The weekend travel volume represents 93% of volume for the same 5-day pre-pandemic holiday period in 2019. So far this year, approximately 3,000 firearms have been kept off planes, the TSA says. If that pace continues, total numbers for 2022 could eclipse the current full-year record of 5,972 firearms that were intercepted at the nation’s checkpoints in 2021.

"We expect the summer travel season to remain busy, and we encourage passengers to arrive at the airport in plenty of time to park, check-in, check bags, get through the checkpoint with identification in hand and get to their gates in time for boarding," said TSA Administrator David Pekoske.

TSA encourages travelers to enroll in TSA PreCheck

Some of TSA PreCheck's perks include:

  • Allow travelers to leave on shoes, jackets, and belts when passing through screenings.
  • Travelers may keep their electronics and 3-1-1 liquids in their carry-on bags.
  • Faster and more efficient move through screening lanes.

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