360 students displaced after Florida school vandalized

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Vandals trashed 18 classrooms, displacing some 360 students at a Florida elementary school.

The vandals broke computers and destroyed the children's art work over the weekend at Horizon Elementary School in Port Orange.  Some students returned to their classrooms Wednesday. Other classrooms may take several days before they are fully functional.

Port Orange Police say a 12, 13 and 14 year old are all in big trouble and facing possible felony charges of vandalism and burglary.  The children, have not been arrested, though charges are pending, while police continue to investigate.

Staff at the school are now looking for a way to replace the destroyed classroom materials.   A history teacher at a nearby high school said businesses, including Walmart, Chick-Fil-A, banks and others promised donations including computers, desks, glass windows, textbooks, laptops and projectors.  If anyone would like to donate items or gift cards or money, a school spokeswoman says they should call or send the supplies directly to the school.

Police are also investigating a threatening note that was scribbled on a desk. Through the course of they investigation, it was determined the threat was made by a student at the school and that this incident is unrelated to the vandalism.



Some information taken from wire sources.