Child, 7, crashed car outside Walmart while caretaker shopped, sheriff says

Osceola County sheriff's deputies say customers at a Kissimmee Walmart saw a 7-year-old driving a car and crashing it into a tree, with two younger kids in the backseat. Thirty minutes later, their caretaker walked out and was arrested. 

An exclusive body camera video from the Osceola Sheriff's Office shows caretaker Sarah Jones being arrested. Deputies said the 35-year-old left 3 young children in a car outside while she went shopping inside the Walmart.

According to Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez, Jones was shopping for 30 minutes, leaving three boys ages 5, 6, and 7 unattended in her car. He said customers called 911 after seeing the 7-year-old boy driving a white Ford Fusion. 

"They said he was coming out of one of the parking spaces, and he was trying to maneuver the steering wheel. Another witness who saw him tried to open the door to stop the car but couldn't get control. The car went over a speed bump and crashed into the bushes. 

"Never leave the kids in the car," said shopper and parent Gisele Rodriguez. Patricie Alexander agreed, saying"I don’t even like leaving a 10 or 13-year-old in the car."

Jones faces three counts of child neglect and lying to deputies about her name. Sheriff Lopez said she came out with a cart full of groceries. 

"If you can’t handle it, then don’t go to the store. They got Uber Eats, they got Grubhub."  

Sheriff Lopez said the kids escaped injury and were turned over to the Florida Department of Children and Families. "The kids were already out of the car and fine and in good health."