87-year-old Korean War veteran graduates from high school

Arthur Cotton is an 87-year-old Korean War veteran, but he just earned another important honor: his high school diploma.

Cotton stood out in a crowd of 18-year-olds at his graduation rehearsal, but he was just as excited as they were for the big day.

“I am excited about it,” Cotton told Fox 13 Tampa Bay. “I wanted the honor of having a high school diploma.”

Cotton left high school after 10th grade to join the Marines and serve in the Korean War. In 1965, he earned his G.E.D. while also working on planes at Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington, D.C.

A few years ago, Cotton decided he wanted to take the next step. He contacted the state, took his equivalency exams, and passed! Now, he’s finally ready to graduate.

Cotton says his only regret is that he didn’t receive his diploma before his wife passed away not too long ago, but he knows she would be proud of what he has accomplished.