9 dogs removed from Deltona home

Deltona Animal Control on Thursday had to get a search warrant to remove nine dogs from a home on Matheson Avenue.  Animal Control said the home was filthy and the animals were neglected.

One dog is blind, and several have bad infections, authorities said.  Another dog's gums have grown over his teeth and the teeth will likely have to be pulled.

A Deltona city spokesman said Animal Control got an anonymous complaint in January.  When officers showed up, they said they found dogs stacked up in cages in the living room.   They told the owner to clean things up and take the dogs to a veterinarian.  Animal Control returned a few days later, and when the owner wouldn't let them in, they sought a warrant.

Halifax Humane Society is treating the dogs. They said this is the third animal hoarding case they have had this year, involving a total of 170 animals.