AC repair companies busy during heat wave, advise 'preventive maintenance'

With high temperatures throughout Central Florida, experts are highlighting the importance of homeowners maintaining their air conditioning units.

"If you're already broke down waiting for a part, unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the supply chain," said Sal Izzo, a technician with Mid-Florida AC. 

Izzo said the industry standard is to have the system checked out once a year. Not every issue can be solved ahead of time, but a lot of them can. Izzo said most of the calls they respond to are for homeowners who haven’t been serviced in multiple years.

In addition to maintenance, he urges people to call in for service as soon as they believe something is wrong. Depending on the part, it could take days or even weeks to make a repair. Even though his team offers window units during the waiting period, that option may not be adequate for everyone. 

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"Getting it ordered before it actually fails… [prevents] a lot of these issues we're seeing with your customers waiting with no air for about a week or two," he added.

FOX 35 News spoke with residents, many of which were aware of the guidelines around air conditioner maintenance. James Bentley said doing regular check-ins on his HVAC is just one of many things he does to make sure he stays cool in the summer. 

"Stay indoors, drink plenty of fluids," he said. "If I do go out, usually early in the morning, or it's later in the evening when it's a little bit easier to work with."

Izzo said checking the air filter monthly and replacing it when needed is a must. He recommends using a cotton filter as opposed to a fiberglass one.