Accused bank robbery busted by his height

Nicholas Landolfi was in court on Tuesday in Volusia County.   He is six feet, six inches tall, and deputies say it was his height that got him busted.

Deputies say Landolfi robbed this SunTrust bank in Deltona Monday afternoon. They say he covered a tattoo on his arm in an effort to conceal his identity. But he couldn't conceal his height.  The clerk said Landolfi appeared very nervous and shaky.  

Deputies say they got citizen tips identifying Nicholas Landolfi as the suspect.  Two eyewitnesses confirmed he was the suspect in the bank.

The clerk told deputies Landolfi slid a handwritten note across the counter demanding money.  The teller tried to grab the note and talk to Landolfi when she says he lifted his shirt and exposed a handgun in his waistband.
She handed over money -- money that deputies say Landolfi never had time to spend before being locked up.

Landolfi's father says he will follow this case through.  

"We feel horrible about what those people went through yesterday, we feel horrible that someone we care deeply about seems to be involved in it."

The judge gave Landolfi $100,000 bond.