After daughter’s cardiac arrest, Ormond Beach family pushes for school resources

There are additional resources for students at Volusia County high schools thanks to a gift from Advent Health.

This week, the district installed three AED machines at all 10 of its high schools, bringing the total to at least four in case of an emergency.

Jeff Bosset knows the fear of sudden cardiac arrest first hand. His daughter Julia went into cardiac arrest during basketball tryouts last month. 

“We were doing a few laps and it was the first lap and then I just fell on the floor,” she explained. 

About six weeks later, she was allowed back to cheer with her team. “I feel totally normal now. Ever since I was out of the hospital I felt back to normal,” she said. 

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Bosset spoke about the importance of resources like AED machines at a school board meeting and tells FOX35 he wants to see an increase statewide.

“There’s so many children out there that have conditions that can result in cardiac arrest. It's just very scary,” he said.

He was happy to learn the district installed the extra machines. The district said the addition was part of a partnership already in the works with Advent Health to improve student athlete health.

Next, Bosset would like to see EKG tests included as part of athletic screenings across districts. The tests are able to detect heart conditions.

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“That’s what’s next,” said school board member Carl Persis.

Persis said that’s the next goal, after seeing neighboring Brevard County require the tests.

“They have found that they have actually discovered students that may have had some underlying heart issues that they didn’t even know they had,” he said. 

Julia is still unable to participate in more active sports like basketball, but hopes her story can spread awareness about cardiac arrest in student athletes.

“Because this can happen to anyone and they don’t even know so having these around the school is gonna save someone's life,” she said. 

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