Titusville man released after serving 3 decades behind bars ordered to return to prison: Here's why

In April 2021, Crosley Green was released from the Florida Department of Corrections after spending 30 years behind bars for murder – a crime that Green adamantly claims he did not commit.

Now, a Florida court has ordered him to return to prison.

Green was convicted in 1990 in the murder of Charles Flynn in Titusville. He was initially sentenced to death by a non-unanimous jury – and spent 19 years on Florida's death row – before his sentence was changed to life.

He has maintained in innocence for three decades.

Back in the 90s. Green was offered a plea deal which included a 7-year sentence, but Green rejected the agreement because he did not want to admit to a crime he did not commit.

During the initial investigation, police reportedly wrote in their notes that they did not believe Green was responsible for the murder, but that Flynn's ex-girlfriend may have been. That evidence was never turned over to Green’s lawyers at the time, which is when a federal court ordered him to be release pending an appeal court's decision on the case.

Years later, a judge made a ruling on the appeals case and said the notes would not have made a difference in the original case – and overturned the lower courts ruling, and therefore, revoked Green's release order.

He now has to return to the Federal Department of the Corrections by April 17 to continue his life sentence.

Green's attorney, Keith Harrison, said Green's family is devastated.

"His main concern is with his family," said Harrison. "His family is devastated. Since Crosley has been out of prison, it has reunited his entire family in a way that has been beautiful and miraculous to see."

"We’re still optimistic because we believe justice will be done," he said.

His attorneys have reached out to Gov. Ron DeSantis' office to request clemency – or a reduction of his sentence – and to the parole board. Both of those processes are still underway. Decisions have not been made.

"I'm not a criminal. I'm an innocent man. I want to have my freedom. I would love for him to take a look at it, and hopefully he'll make the right decision of letting me stay free," Green told FOX 35's Marie Edinger.

"The fight for his freedom continues. It is by no means over," said Harrison. "We’re going to continue to pursue every avenue we can to see that justice is done in this case, and see that Crosley gets to walk in true freedom."

Clarification: This story has been updated since it was initially published to include the clemency requests are ongoing.