AG announces Fortify Florida school safety app

When it comes to keeping students safe in our schools, there's an app for that. Just unveiled across the state today - the Fortify Florida app. 

“Parents, students, teachers - download this app, now!” Urged Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

The state legislature supported the app as part of the Stoneman Douglas Act, after the shooting in parkland.

“There was information people could have provided and if they had a mechanism to do that, would have taken advantage of it,” said Bob Gualtieri, Pinellas County Sheriff.

They say the Fortify Florida app is that mechanism. It’s a free, anonymous way for anyone in the state to alert the Florida Department of Law Enforcement about possible school threats. 

“Those tips are gonna come in and FDLE is gonna see them, 24-7,” said Danny Banks, from the FDLE.

Bondi says they worked with Stoneman Douglas students in developing the app. You can find Fortify Florida in the Google Play and Apple App Stores under "FortifyFL."