Aggressive alligator caught in Marion County

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Green said, “With all the people swimming out here, it was kind of scary.”

Chad Weber, with Florida Fish and Wildlife told FOX 35, “The suspect gator at Rainbow was taken this morning. The gator was an 8.5 foot female. The location was at the canoe launch within the park, very near the actual incident location. Trappers feel certain they have the right one.” 

In a statement, a spokesperson for Marion County added, “This was the largest of several alligators captured by the contracted Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) nuisance trapper.”

“Oh, it was caught?” asked Green. “Oh great. That’s fabulous!”

“Aww man. That’s a bummer,” Morales exclaimed.  He didn’t seem too concerned at the thought of gators around the area.  “Nothin’ like, scary-scary,” he said.

Marion County officials reminded people to be cautious about alligators in the area and in Florida waterways.