Airman returns home to meet new son

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An Central Florida airman is back home tonight after serving overseas. Now, he’s getting to know his new son- who was born while dad was deployed.

The News Station was inside Melbourne’s airport today for that tender introduction and all the excitement. Amanda Stoltz understands that being married to a man in the service means sacrifice -- it can test a relationship. But never did she imagine she’d be in labor with her husband on the other side of the world. Add in communication issues.

“There were days when he couldn’t talk, days when I couldn’t talk, I don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy to see him,” Amanda said.

Our camera was rolling as Staff Sergeant Chris Stoltz, United States Air Force, walked towards his loved ones and his new son, Caleb.

“I’m very glad to be home, I just can’t really put into words,” Stoltz said.

The sergeant traveled 28 hours to be with his family in Melbourne.

“I've been ready to come home for the last month or so, much longer than that really, but it really sunk in last month and on the flight home I kept on wishing I could go faster,” the Sergeant said.

“My heart wouldn’t stop pounding, just excitement and anxiousness and a little bit of a lump in my throat,” Amanda said, describing the moment her husband appeared.

“You know the time apart most definitely isn’t the most enjoyable, but it makes returning home and spending time with this little one and those two over there that much more enjoyable,” the Sergeant said, pointing  to mom and baby.

Chris says he can’t wait to have desert on Christmas: Amanda’s homemade apple cobbler.

“If she’ll make it,” he said.