Alert issued by state for missing Port Orange teens

A week has passed since two Port Orange, Florida girls disappeared. Their families are desperate to get them home.  Fifteen-year-olds Brittany Pickavance and Destiny Thompson apparently left their homes last Tuesday morning.

Destiny's mother, Mary Thompson, remembers her bedroom door was locked, and says she walked around the house to find a hole cut in the window screen.

“So I went through the side window and opened the door and came back in and immediately called my husband,” Thompson recalled, “then I went in the truck and down to Brittany's house and she was gone, then I come back and called 911.”

She says Destiny took very little.

“She took a blanket and some pillows, and her bathing suit and a couple pairs of shorts,” Thompson said, “and I noticed some sweatpants were gone.”

Port Orange police say the girls are missing and believed to be traveling together. Thompson has been plastering the greater Orlando area with posters.

“To go search on the beaches, go search in the cities - even parts of the cities that are not so great,” Thompson said.

Thompson has a message, if her daughter is listening. “I love you,” she said, “and whatever you're going through in live just please get a word out and come home. Because whatever it is, I can make a difference.”

Port Orange Police say they're doing everything they can to bring the girls home safely. We also contacted Pickavance’s family, but they said they're too upset to speak publicly about Brittany's disappearance.