Alleged car thief arrested after barricading himself inside Florida business

An alleged car thief was arrested after barricading himself at a Daytona Beach business.

Anthony Galloway, 42, is accused of stealing a man’s car as he was pumping gas on Derbyshire Road. 911 calls shortly after the incident indicate Galloway is unknown to the victim. 

"I just got robbed right here. My phone. My ID. Everything’s in the car," the victim said on the call.

Galloway  allegedly had a gun in hand, as he threatened the suspect with the phrase: "keep pumping the gas or I will shoot you." He is accused of taking off in the car, headed South.

Minutes later, surveillance footage led deputies to an apartment complex where the car was abandoned. Galloway allegedly broke into an apartment and jumped out of a second-story window while trying to get away from law enforcement. Shortly after, he arrived at a print shop on Mason Avenue. There, according to deputies, he barricaded himself in a warehouse at the back of the property.

Employee Tim Kinnett said employees kept working in the midst of the chaos. Much of the area was sectioned off by deputies and police.  No one was allowed in the building. "SWAT, Bomb, cops. It was pretty cool," he said. He said the mood in the building was calm, as the warehouse is separate from the workspace. One of the employees told FOX 35 News Sheriff Michael Chitwood was on scene at one point. After a long negotiation, the SWAT team and the other units chose to break the door in. 

Galloway is seen on body camera footage surrendering peacefully. What appears to be blood can be seen running down his hand. It’s believed to be from the cuts sustained during his alleged break-in and jump from the window. The severity of the injuries is unknown.

He is receiving medical treatment and will be taken to jail once cleared. The full list of charges will be available when he is booked.