Arrest made in 20 year old Florida rape case

An arrest has been made in an unsolved Florida rape case dating back two decades. 

Lt. Pat Thoman on Tuesday revealed that the Volusia County Sheriff's Office recently decided to take a second look at some unsolved rape cases -- finally testing DNA that had never been tested when the crimes took place.  Then they got lucky.

Thoman said, "Without DNA technology, we wouldn't be where we are today in the case."

They say they got a match to the DNA in this case from Robert Haar, whose DNA had just entered the national reporting system after he was recently arrested in Wisconsin.  Had they tested the DNA in the rape case when it happened, or anytime in between, Thomas said they would have come up empty.

Haar has been in and out of Wisconsin jails for years, arrested for battery, harassment, disorderly conduct, and in 2010, he pleaded guilty to having sex with a child 16 years or older.

Haar was arrested in the old Daytona Beach case this past weekend in Marquette County, Wisconsin. Deputies say he confessed to the crime.

Deputies say they have identified the other two men they suspect also raped that 14-year-old girl. They are waiting on more DNA testing.