Arrest made in Ocala triple shooting

Ocala police officers arrested Paul Jalieba Tuesday, after they say he shot two people in their Ocala neighborhood.

Police say Jalieba rode his bike to this area, started rambling nonsense at a man, then shot him for no apparent reason.

"He's been causing some trouble in this neighborhood for quite some time now," explained Ocala Police Spokeswoman Meghan Shay. 

Another neighbor was working on his car over here when he saw the shooting -- he got up to run from the area, when he was shot several times in the back.

Two people who know the victims got a call about the shooting and got here before police and they tackled Jalieba

At some point, Jalieba was also shot. Police are still trying to figure how when and by whom.

All three people who were shot, including Jalieba are at the hospital in stable condition. When he gets out of the hospital police say Jalieba is heading to the Marion County Jail.