Arrests made in Brinks robbery

Orange County Sheriff’s investigators have arrested a second man in connection with a robbery at an ATM last week in the 2400 block of Chicasaw Trail.   Sheriff Jerry Demings told reporters Friday that deputies had arrested 43-year-old Undray Benson. 

Investigators say Benson is tied to the scene by the getaway car, which is registered to him, and a GPS monitoring device on his ankle.  Also arrested in connection with the robbery is 26-year-old Charles Chukes.  Chukes was arrested on the day of the crime. 

Investigators told reporters that they recovered $70,000 worth of stolen cash from Chukes’ home on Tuesday.
It is still unclear to detectives how the money got to Chukes’  home.  About $30,000 was discovered in the getaway car and witnesess helped collected cash at the scene. 

Demings said that a Brinks employee was attempting to fill and ATM with $160,000 when he was robbed by Chukes.  According to Demings, Chukes and Benson drove away from the scene and were stopped by officers a short time later.  Benson was able to get away.  He evaded deputies for about a week.

Demings said there is still about $50,000 missing from the robbery. He said there is a reward for information leading to the recovery of the missing money and warned that anyone found to be in possession of stolen cash could face criminal charges.