Artemis I boosters stacked at Kennedy Space Center

The Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center was buzzing on Wednesday as crews were hard at work stacking the booster rockets that will make up the Space Launch System for the Artemis 1, headed for the moon.

"I can’t tell you how great it is to actually see the hard work physically being around it. There is a lot to say about being around these 177-foot boosters," said Tony Dees, the VAB operations team member.

A VAB operations team member says the booster rockets are made up of five parts plus a nose cone. Fully stacked, they will support the core rocket that will be the centerpiece of the Space Launch System.

"I am looking so forward to actually standing next to that vehicle and looking up at the wonder that it is because it is one massive vehicle," Dees said.

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The senior vehicle operations manager Cliff Lanham says the next step will be to bring in the core rocket which should happen sometime next month. 

If things go smoothly, Artemis 1 will be a trial run, hopefully passing the torch to Artemis 2 which will carry a crew of four around the moon in 2023.

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