Attempted murder charges for suspects in shooting spree

Two men are in jail without bond following a shooting spree in Orange County. The Sheriff’s Office says the suspects showed a blatant disregard for life when they opened fire with a high powered rifle at different locations, injuring two people.

Tyson Johnson, 18, and Luis Perez, 23, are charged with attempted murder.  Deputies say Johnson shot two people during a wild crime spree last week.  One of those victims is 43-year-old Manuel Santiago Beltran.  Beltran was working as a security guard at the Americana Plaza on the night of March 29, when deputies say Johnson shot him in the leg.  

When asked about the motive for the shooting, Sergeant Grant Meade with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office explained, “They said in the interview, 'We wanted to kill him to take his gun.'”

Beltran’s wife and her sister said he has a hole in his left leg.  He is resting, taking antibiotics and medications.  They thank God he is home, and they are relieved the suspects are in jail.   Beltran’s wife says her husband was standing in front of the pizza place and saw a suspicious man.  He started walking to investigate, and the man fired ten shots in his direction.  She says Beltran protected his head by crouching down and facing his bullet proof vest toward the shooter, but he got shot in the left leg. 

The Sheriff’s Office says Johnson also fired multiple shots at two units at the Chowder Bay Apartments last week after he tried to sell a gun to a guy and the deal went bad.  Detectives say Johnson shot the man, leaving him paralyzed.

“Johnson was found at his mother’s home. Luis was arrested on Sunday morning by patrol units as he was doing an armed burglary,” said Sgt. Meade.

Detectives at the Sheriff’s Office say Johnson used an AR-15 high powered rifle in all of the shootings.