Attorney Dan Newlin hosts big-money Trump fundraiser at his Florida home

Former President Donald Trump was at a fundraiser Wednesday hosted by Attorney Dan Newlin.

The fundraiser was at Newlin's home in Orange County. Dozens of supporters, who didn't have tickets to the event, lined the streets to catch a glimpse of Trump as he rode by.

"I don’t think it’s enough," Brett Schulman said of the turnout. "I think we need a million people out here."

Newlin sent FOX 35 News the invitation listing prices. The cheapest ticket was $5,000 per person. Some tickets were going for more than $824,000.

"If I had the deep pockets and maybe if I won the lottery I’d be there, but that’s OK," Former Republican Congressional Candidate Calvin Wimbish said.

The Trump campaign is in an all-out fundraising blitz. 

Trump was in Atlanta hours before his stop in Central Florida. In Palm Beach last weekend, Trump raised $50 million at one event, which is an American campaign record, beating Biden's $26 million from weeks earlier.

"Money is not the only thing that matters in an election, but it is one of the most important things," UCF Political Science Professor Aubrey Jewett said.

Jewett said money buys ads and campaign mobilization. Both are crucial in a tight race. Polls show Biden and Trump locked in a statistical tie.

Biden's campaign leads Trump's by a wide margin when it comes to cash on hand. Through March, Biden's team had $192 million in cash. Trump's team reports $93 million on hand.

"The Trump team is definitely geared up," Jewett said. "They definitely have their work cut out for them. They know that if they want to have their best chance of winning they have to try to catch up in the fundraising with Joe Biden."

Trump's team estimated Wednesday’s fundraisers would bring in a combined $15 million.