Attorneys for accused Titusville murderer win evidence motion

Attorneys for murder defendant William Woodward successfully argued against a state motion to throw out all evidence prior to the minutes before the Titusville veteran shot and killed two of his neighbors, and critically injured another.

Woodward, 46, is accused of shooting Gary Hembree, Roger Picior, and Bruce Blake on the front lawn of Hembree's Tituville home back in 2012. Hembree and Picior both died from gunshot wounds, but Blake survived. The evidence prosecutors wanted thrown out was video surveillance from Woodward's home that captured the audio of his neighbors taunting him and making verbal threats.

In April, Woodward's attorneys failed to convince a judge that their client was "standing his ground" against his neighbors. The defendant is awaiting a date for his murder trial, possibly in early 2016.