Authorities in Florida search for dolphin in need of rescue

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A search is on for an entangled dolphin in the Banana River north of Cocoa Beach's Country Club Road. 

The young calf is dragging a long rope that's wedged in it's mouth, and there is concern it end up harming or killing the animal if it isn't disentangled. 

"It's trapped in his mouth, wrapped around his body, and then he's dragging the line behind him," said Tonya Morgan, the captain of Wildside Tours in Cocoa Beach. "So sad."

She and her crew spent Wednesday looking for the animal.  As they searched the river, they had a surprise encounter from another playful dolphin, but no sign of the endangered animal.

"It is a huge area. It's 47 miles long. They usually stay in a certain radius," Morgain explained. 

Morgan said the other end of the rope might snag on something else, so there is a sense of urgency in their efforts.

Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute will join the search on Thursday, along with Florida Wildlife Trappers, Inc.