Baby born while Hurricane Dorian approached Florida's coast named after the storm

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A Florida couple welcomed in baby Tadashia 'Dorian' Davis while Hurricane Dorian was approaching Florida's east coast on Monday.

The baby, who was originally due on September 14th, came into the world early at 11:07 a.m. on September 2nd. Tadashia weighed four pounds and eight ounces when born. He was born at AdventHealth's Deland location. 

His parents, Kay Lisa McCloud and Anthony Davis, decided to make his middle name 'Dorian' after the storm.

"I was hoping he would wait until after the hurricane!" McCloud said. "This is a storm I definitely won't forget."

Hurricane Dorian, which is currently traveling toward the Georgia coast, came within 100 miles of Florida's east coast. While the storm brought rain and wind gusts to Central Florida, it did not make landfall in Florida. 

The family, who is heading home on Wednesday, is relieved to know their DeLand home is undamaged and that they have electricity waiting for them.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.