'She took my little brother somewhere': 911 call reports missing baby found abandoned on beach

A Michigan woman is behind bars, accused of leaving her one-year-old son alone on a Florida beach.

Shamika Mitchell, 37, of Detroit, faces charges including aggravated child abuse.

A frantic 17-year-old called 911 just after midnight on Nov. 8 as he desperately searched for his baby brother. 

"She took my little brother somewhere," he said.


At one point, he told the police that he saw his mother walk away with the one-year-old, and when she came back, the boy was gone.

"She said she took him to his dad," he told the 911 operator.


Shamika Mitchell, 37, of Detroit, is charged with aggravated child abuse and unlawful desertion of a child.

Eventually, officers received a call from Volusia County sheriff's deputies who found the boy with a group of bystanders near Main St. and N. Ocean Ave. trying to keep the baby warm. According to deputies, the child "was unresponsive with an elevated pulse," and also that "his skin was cold to the touch, and he was shivering."

Deputies searched the beach for evidence where witnesses said they found the boy but came up short. 

The baby was taken to a hospital, but his condition was unknown.

Mitchell remains in the Volusia County Jail.