Beach-side restrooms in Volusia County to reopen Saturday ahead of Mother’s Day

Although Volusia County beaches reopened to sunbathers last Saturday, restrooms at county-owned parks remained closed. This coming Saturday that will change.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Volusia County Chair Ed Kelley announced that beach-side restrooms would be back open ahead of Mother’s Day.

He said porter services will keep the restrooms clean and reminded people to wash their hands and carry hand sanitizer.

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“We will have porter services at these facilities to frequently wipe down and disinfect the surfaces,” he said.

An answered question for one beachgoer out at Frank Rendon Park.

“If they are going to allow you to walk and exercise then what do you do when you have to go to the bathroom?,’” asked localTony S. 

He said he’s been limiting his time on the sand and watching his water intake.

“I time myself on my walks and my return home and if you don’t see me hydrating…. well you know us old people we hydrate and we gotta go,” he said.

Some cities like Ormond Beach already made the move to reopen their restrooms.