'Beanie' back home: Missing Yorkie returned to owners

A Yorkshire Terrier is back home after being carried off by a thief in Brevard County, according to its owner.

One week ago, burglars broke through the homeowners' window and stole jewelry, silverware and a Yorkie, named Beanie.

"We were in shock, saddened. Just couldn't believe," said a deeply saddened Courtney Mulligan.

She started an effort to recover her pet, and it included a big social media campaign and a $5,000 reward.

"If you can offer enough money that somebody would want to turn her in, that would be one way, or if we could make such a fuss about it or to get so many people know what's going on, the thieves that were taking her would have to let her go," Mulligan said.

Amazingly, it worked.  A week later, Beanie was found the side of the road in Polk County. Apparently the thieves had dumped the dog more than 80 miles from her home.

Stewart Brown, of Orlando, happened to see the small dog while driving by.

"I didn't want it to get hit, so I pulled off to the side and picked it up," he said.

He posted pictures of the dog on his Facebook page.  While she looked a little ragged, one of his friends made the connection to the owner's posting about Beanie.

"It was truly a moment of sheer joy, disbelief.  Truly a feeling I've never felt before," said Mulligan.

Beanie was in good health and after one nervous week, Mulligan was reunited with her beloved Yorkie.

"I was crying, and the vets were crying. She was, you know, kissing us and wagging her tail, so it was just really emotional and special."