Beauty blogger makes money through social media

Kay-Lani Martinez has one million followers on Instagram and 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.  For her, those numbers don't just mean she's popular, they mean that she's making money.

Martinez is a fulltime beauty blogger.  She made $35,000 in the last five months doing makeup tutorials.  She invested in herself, purchasing her equipment and lighting. 

She makes money on YouTube by monetizing her videos, which means an advertisement will play before her video does. For each click that a person makes on the ad, money is placed it into her account.

She's on a schedule where her fans know when to expect videos from her, and she produces a high quality product. She says all of these things are necessary to be successful and to make money off of the videos.

Martinez works with several make up companies and she gets paid to use their products in her videos. She reaches out to companies on social media using a hashtag and has even worked with a local company called Izea to make money.

Izea is a Winter Park Technology Firm that connects bloggers with companies. Izea can help you reach out to companies as well. All you have to do is sign up on their website and you'll make yourself available as a blogger.