Behind-the-scenes: Treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms

A doctor in Marion Couty is giving a rare look at what it’s like to treat patients with coronavirus symptoms.

Dr. David Kuhn of Trinity Clinic in Ocala is opening his practice to the public by posting daily videos to the clinic’s Facebook page.

“Our stated goal is to keep Marion County from becoming a hotspot,” Dr. Kuhn said.

He wants to bring awareness about the importance of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

“To spread the mitigation message that we’re hoping to spread, I would need an audience to accomplish that,” Dr. Kuhn said. “What better way to grow an audience than to invite them to the behind the scenes of our own clinic?”

The videos highlight the daily struggles of a primary care physician trying to treat his patients.

Dr. Kuhn no longer takes patients inside his office. He has been administering COVID-19 tests in his parking lot.

“We’re searching for anybody in the county who is sick because we want to get them tested and isolated early while we’re still in this mitigation phase,” Kuhn said.

He wants to help out by offering coronavirus testing to people in Marion County to cut down on hospital visits.

He's also collecting donations of masks, gloves, face shields and hand sanitizer. So, he can give those to hospitals, too.

“The videos that we are documenting are giving people comfort in a time of great of uncertainty and high anxiety,” Dr. Kuhn said. “As people are having to isolate themselves more and more, you almost don’t know what’s happening in the world.”

To view Dr. Kuhn's videos, click here.