Beverly Beach residents still feeling the effects of Hurricane Matthew

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At Surfside Estates, in Beverly Beach people are still cleaning up, months after the hurricane passed. In fact a crew is right there cleaning up storm damage."

Hurricane Matthewe may be a distant memory, but not in Flagler County. Roofs are still ripped, blue tarps are still up on some homes, fighting to keep the elements out.

Metal twisted, torn off by the storm still sits on top of mobile homes. Construction crew are part of the daily routine in the neighborhood.

This is a reality in the neighborhood, some 130 days post Hurricane Matthew. So, why is it taking so long?

Neighbors told FOX 35 There's actually a shortage of supplies. Ethel Browning, who's home was damaged told FOX 35 they can't get the aluminum. Her husband, Gerald, said "A lot of people, they're saying they can't get the parts."

The Brownings just got their roof last week. "It's a 3-month wait," Gerald said. "It's terrible.

Some ditched aluminum all together, so they wouldn't have to deal with this the next time around. Home Owner's Assocation President, Charles Lawson said "We did ours out of wood. They were aluminum. A lot of people did there's out of wood. It's much sturdier."

A lot of work has been done between October and today. It's also proof that a powerful hurricane leaves a lasting impression. "The people have pulled together. They've done real good. We're all rebuilding," Lawson said.

Lawson told FOX 35 about 80% of homes in the neighborhood are finished repairs from Hurricane Matthew.