Biden visits Florida to campaign for Hillary Clinton

Democrats got a vice presidential pep talk Monday when Joe Biden visited to encourage them to register to vote ahead of Florida’s October 11 deadline. 

Biden appeared at The Cheyenne Saloon in downtown Orlando on behalf of the Hillary Clinton Campaign. 

“I’m so sick and tired of hearing America talked down.  She needs you, we need you, we need you to register to vote and get your friends to register to vote,” Biden told the crowd. 

The vice president did his best to remind democrats what they don’t like about Donald Trump, by painting the Republican nominee as dangerous and focused on the wrong things, such as insulting the former beauty queen who spoke out recently against Trump. 

“I’m being deadly earnest… what kind of leader wakens and 3 o’clock in the morning and tweets: 'Hillary helped disgusting Alicia M become a US citizen so she could use her in a debate,'” Biden said, referring to a flurry of tweets sent by Trump last week.

The vice president said Clinton has a plan to move American forward and build on the legacy of the Obama Administration. 

It’s all meant to convince Floridians who haven’t made up their minds, and rally the ones who already have.   

“We’ve had candidates before appeal to our fears, but they never, never succeed because we don’t scare easily.  Americans don’t bend, they don’t bow, we endure. We move forward.  We are Americans!” Biden said.

From Orlando, the vice president was on to Sarasota to deliver a similar message.  President Barack Obama is scheduled campaign for Clinton Wednesday in Tampa.