Black bear hangs out in Daytona Beach strip mall tree

A confused-looking black bear has been hanging out all day in a tree at a Daytona Beach strip mall. Sydney Blevins and Donya Alkhatib say they were the first to spot him.

“It was over in the bushes and then it ran out into traffic, and someone honked at it, so it came back over and ran up the tree,” Blevins said.

“It's just been sitting in the tree! It hasn't moved, hasn't made any noises, just laying like that the whole day,” Alkhatib added.

As you'd guess, this cub has already got a fan club.

“I think it's pretty interesting - something you only see in Florida! Pretty unique! Between alligators and bears, they're everywhere!” said Nancy Jo Santee, who was watching the bear.

Others, though, say the little scamp is probably pretty homesick.

“He's cute, I'm sure he misses his mom. Look he's moving right now. He's scared - I'm sure he's petrified,” said Tammy Connelly

Daytona Beach animal control came and went. Florida Fish and Wildlife says it may be the same bear spotted in Holly Hill last week. They're here keeping an eye on the bear, but it looks like as long as the bear doesn't pose a threat, they're going to let him stay in the tree and hope he leaves during the night.