Body camera video shows moments after Florida girl, 10, allegedly shoots, kills woman arguing with mom

FOX 35 News has new details on a case where Orlando Police say a 10-year-old girl murdered a woman who was arguing with the girl’s mother. 

FOX 35 looked over hours of body camera footage and over 150 pages of investigation records to get a better picture of what happened that night. Those files included frantic 911 calls from people in the apartment complex.
"Somebody was shot. She’s on the ground. Please, please!" one caller pleaded.

"Please, somebody is dying!" another caller tells dispatchers. 

Police reports show the first call came in from Monique Ashley. She lives next door to the spot where the shooting happened and says she was looking on when Lakrisha Isaac and Lashun Rodgers started fighting. 

"They probably exchanged like two or three punches and pop! That’s what you heard," Ashley told police. "Everybody was like, ‘Oh!’ and started running."

Police records show multiple people told officers they had tried to break up the fight before things escalated to that point. 

Marcial Tirado Jr. told investigators in a sworn statement that he and his girlfriend, Rodgers, were grilling behind their apartment building, celebrating Memorial Day. He and several others told officers that Isaac approached Rodgers and started rehashing an old fight. One woman says she believes that the dispute started over social media. 

Tirado Jr. reported to police that Isaac appeared drunk while she did this, and a friend of hers confirmed they’d consumed alcohol together that day. Many people also told police she would frequently start arguments with neighbors after drinking. 


Tirado Jr. says Isaac hit his girlfriend, and Rodgers returned the punch. He says he managed to separate them, but the two were just yelling at each other after that. However, after the two had resorted to hurling curses instead of fists, he says Isaac’s daughter pulled out a gun and shot Rodgers in the chin. 

"Oh my God, the little girl! She killed my baby, man. The little girl fired a gun with one hand. She’s 10 years old," he wailed to police. 

The Orlando Police Department says several witnesses reported Isaac handing a pink bag to her daughter during the fight. Police reports state that a video taken by a neighbor shows the ten-year-old girl pulling a gun from the bag, putting the magazine into the gun, loading a round into the chamber, and then shooting Rodgers in the head. 

"She got the clip, and boom," the girl who took the video told police. 

"She manipulated the firearm to load the firearm [and] get the firearm ready to fire, is what you’re saying?" an officer asked. The girl answered, affirming. 

Body camera footage shows Tirado Jr. telling police he kept reliving the moment over and over in his head. 

"Why would you give your daughter a gun? Why would you do that? For a little petty argument that don’t mean nothing?" Tirado Jr. wondered aloud to the officer interviewing him after the incident.

Body camera footage shows Isaac and her daughter being taken in for questioning. Later, at the department, she repeatedly calls officers over, raising her voice at them.

"Y’all better not say s*** to my godd*** child, period," she says while cuffed in the police cruiser. 

Later, at the police station, she demands a blanket and asks to use the bathroom.

"F*** y’all!" she shouts at the officers.

The police report states when the little girl allegedly pulled the trigger, "There was no imminent threat."

The report continues, "Isaac stood by idly and continued to argue with Rodgers instead of taking any actions to prevent her daughter from using her pistol."

"She could have told her daughter, ‘Don’t shoot it. The mom was just standing right there," the girl who gave police video of the incident told the investigating officers. "She could have said stop. She didn’t."

Isaac has already pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter by culpable negligence, neglect, and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Court records show her trial begins April 29. A couple of weeks before that, she will be in court for a pre-trial hearing.