Bodycam video shows passenger who got past Orlando airport security without a ticket

FOX 35 has obtained body-worn camera video from three different Orlando Policers who responded to a Delta Airlines terminal after a passenger was found sitting a flight without a boarding pass and without any form of valid identification.

The situation is raising questions as several federal authorities ask how this happened.

Bodycam video shows a middle-aged woman talking to at least one Delta Airlines employee, a TSA agent, and the three Orlando police officers.

When asked for her identification, the woman pulled out her phone and showed them a blurry picture of herself. She said several times that was her ID and that’s what she showed going through security. The woman said she does not drive so she doesn’t have a driver’s license. She also said she does not have an ID card or a passport. When asked if they could see her wallet, the woman said she did not have one, nor did she have a credit card or a social security card.  She pulled her phone, a bible and a make-up bag out of her purse telling police that was all that was in there.  She showed the officers her phone and showed them she did not have any numbers saved.

The woman told authorities that she did have a ticket for that plane but that she threw it away.  Police told the woman they were trying to help her.

“I was being helped. I was in my seat and they pulled me out of it,” the woman said.

“The plane is gone,” the officer replied. “Ok. Well now we’ve got a problem,” the woman said.

The Delta employee could be heard saying she checked their flight log and said no one by the name the woman gave was on their list. Throughout their conversation, standing at the Delta Airlines gate, several people working the situation asked the woman the same questions. She gave the same answers, insisting she had a boarding pass, and that her blurry selfie on her phone got her through security.

During the conversation, the woman revealed she does not live in Orlando. She is not married and does not have any children. The woman told police she had taken a taxi from North Carolina to get to Florida. And, she was trying to get back to North Carolina on a flight to Atlanta.

 After going round and round for several minutes, police told the woman without a boarding pass, she could not be on the terminal side she would need to take a tram back to the public side of the airport. The woman replied, “Ok sir. Thank you so much I appreciate it,” and walked to the tram.  Police and airport authorities followed her to the other side.

Investigators say after assessing the situation the woman did not break the law.  

After seeing the body-worn camera video, The News Station is asking TSA and Delta how she got through airport security and past the gate to board the plane. We awaiting answers.