Bogus ticket bust at WrestleMania

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David Cook of Sanford was heartbroken when he missed pro-wrestling’s “biggest show of the year,” but he says at least he made good on a promise to the guy who cost him the show.

“I told him flat-out: if these are fake I will find you,” said Cook.

The message he says he gave to the man police suspect of selling fake tickets to WrestleMania 33 on Sunday at the Camping World Stadium.

Cook, a long-time wrestling fan said he found a posting on Craigslist late last week for ringside tickets to the even. When he contacted the buyer Cook said the two of them arranged to meet in a public parking lot and make the transaction.

As a fan Cook said he was excited to find the $2100 seat for $900, but as a former cop he was skeptical.
Cook said when he met the man he took note that he mentioned traveling by foot, asked to see id – which the man claimed he didn’t have, and as he walked away after the transaction Cook took a picture of the man.
After waiting in line at the gates his fears were confirmed.

“All of the sudden the ticket isn’t working,” he said.

Cook filed a report with the Orlando Police and turned over the picture of the man, but he said he planned to make good on his promise to “find” the man now that the tickets were confirmed fake.

Cook said he started showing the man’s picture to parking lot attendants; remembering he’d mentioned walking as transportation. Sure enough,  Cook said he stumbled upon the man again and called a near-by cop.

According to Orlando Police they found 7 more tickets to WrestleMania on the man that all scanned in as fakes.
Gordon Cross of New Orleans was arrested and charged with possession of stolen tickets and scheming to defraud. Cross had his initial appearance with a judge on Monday morning.

Cook credits the picture he snapped of the seller for getting him his $900 back the same night; though he unfortunately had to watch WrestleMania at a bar.

Orlando Police recommend buying tickets from verified sources or straight from the box office, never wiring funds, researching the ticket you’re purchasing to make sure it isn’t already used, and always meeting face to face and in a public place.