Brevard Zoo helps premature sea turtle hatchlings affected by Hurricane Dorian

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The Brevard Zoo is helping sea turtles affected by Hurricane Dorian.

The Brevard Zoo's Sea Turtle Healing Center has taken in 20 premature green sea turtle hatchlings.

Beach erosion caused by the storm in Melbourne exposed the turtles' nest, making them vulnerable to raccoons and other animals.

Officials say some of the hatchlings arrived with their yolk sacs still attached.

In a news release, Shanon Gann, the zoo's sea turtle program coordinator said, "Each one of these hatchlings has a chance at becoming an adult, who then can produce offspring of their own. Because they were not able to incubate to full-term, they are weak; but we are able to give these tiny, endangered sea turtles a second chance at getting out into the ocean."

Once the tiny turtles are approved for release, the hatchlings will be placed on the san to make their way to the ocean.

Sea turtles and their eggs are protected at the state and federal level, making it illegal to touch them.

Those who find sea turtles in need should contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 1-888-404-FWCC or Sea Turtle Preservation Society (in Brevard County only) at 321-206-0646 for instructions.


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