Bundle up! Here's what to do with your plants during cold weather

People aren’t the only ones who need to bundle up when it’s cold -- plants do too.

Workers in the greenhouse at Russell’s Bromeliads in Clermont are preparing for this week’s cool temps. They said anything in the 30s or below is not good for the plants.

“Basically, we’ve got to shut all our curtains down,” Russell’s Bromeliads worker Armando Frankel said. “Make sure everything is nice and warm inside. We turn on our heaters and make sure everything is nice and hot inside and make sure nothing’s too cold for these plants.”

The greenhouse protects the business’ air plants year-round. It’s easier for them to control the temperature because they’re all indoors.

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Workers not only have to worry about the plants inside the greenhouse. They also have to worry about the ones they have to pack up and ship.

Russell’s Bromeliads ships all over the country. So, they use heat packs to ship their plants.

“We make sure we have a lot of the heavy paper and it always helps when you put (the plants) in the brown paper bags, too,” Russell’s Bromeliads worker Andres Urbina said. “It gives a little added insulation. After we do all that, we get the heat packs ready.”

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The workers also have some tips for your house plants this week.

“You want to go ahead and bring it inside,” Frankel said. “You can bring it inside of a garage. You can bring it inside of a patio. Just go ahead and cover it under there. You should be good to go after that. The ones that are really special to you, I would maybe bring those inside the house.”