Cash carrier shot during robbery now home from hospital

Marcos Rivera has a feeding tube in his nose, a tube in his throat to help him breathe and his jaw is wired shut.  But despite all of that, he looks pretty good for a man recovering after being shot in the head.  "He's walking, and he talks a little bit while covering the trachea, he's able to speak. Very little but he's getting better," said his father, Marcos Rivera Sr.

Thursday was Rivera's first full day at home after spending two weeks in the hospital. Two weeks ago, Rivera, a Loomis truck driver, was making a stop at the Altamonte Springs Publix when he was shot twice - once in the back of the head and once in the mouth.   

Altamonte Springs Police said Burt McGee, the shooter, then took off with the money.  Investigators tracked McGee down and charged him with attempted murder. "Right now, the streets have one less criminal out there that could hurt other people. It's not just about my son. It's about other people who were there and were victims too," McGee said.

As Rivera recovers, he and his family continue to count their blessings.  "When you get shot in the face, two times, you usually don't survive. And... he's a survivor," Rivera Sr. said.

Incredibly, Rivera is expected to make a full recovery.