Florida cat sanctuary in need of help after owner suffers stroke

A Lake County cat sanctuary needs some rescuing of its own after the owner suffered a stroke.

Purrrfect Angels Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter that rescues cats with medical issues that are surrendered by their owners or are scheduled to be euthanized by other shelters.

"The animals that come into us have eyes of just betrayal. And I feel that when I help just one cat, I’ve made a difference. I’ve accomplished something," said owner Jannette Santiago.

The owner recently had a stroke and is now worried about her shelter because of her health issues. She stopped taking in any more cats while she took care of her health. However, she's also worried about shelter costs.

While the cats have enough food now, she's concerned about the future and has also racked up a $15,000 vet bill.  A lot of the costs at the sanctuary come out of her own pocket, and now, with her medical bills, she could use donations to help with food and pay off her vet bill.

"It just set us back in the fact that everything I was able to do before, like 'OK, I can spend this on vet bills, and this on food, but with my care, unfortunately, I have to think about myself too," said Santiago.

Now, Santiago is hoping to help the cats in her care, looking for another chance at life.

"They touch my heart because if I don’t save them, and another rescue doesn’t step up, they die alone," said Santiago. "I just feel like a second chance is what they deserve. Please help us. It's not for me but for my cats."

You can donate directly to their Amazon Wishlist or visit the Purrrfect Angels Cat Rescue and Sanctuary website. You can also donate directly to their veterinarian at Waterford Lakes Animal Hospital by calling and saying you'd like to donate to the Purrrfect Angels Cat Rescue bill.