CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Belleview store owner tries to shoot armed robber

It all began with a masked man bursting into a Belleview convenience store, pointing a gun at the owner's head Thursday night.

“I was right here writing the scratch-off ticket numbers and he pointed a gun at me," said Chevron Super Food Mart Owner, Mahendrakumar Patel.

Patel didn't give up without a fight. He grabbed his own gun, pointed it at the robber and pulled the trigger three times, but his gun jammed.  He stood facing the man he tried to shoot

“He said ‘Get on the floor!’" Patel said.

That's exactly what he did --  face-down on the floor.  Then, the masked man steals his gun. Police say the guy got away with cigarettes and little over $200 cash.  The good news, Patel survived

"He said he’s not going to shoot me,” Patel explained.

Patel said he has been through the same ordeal before a week ago.  Belleview Police said the same suspect wearing the same outfit pointed a gun in Patel's face.  According to police, $1,100 was stolen that time.

Patel said he's going to replace the weapon the robber stole.

“I’m going to buy another one.”

Belleview Police told FOX 35 another store was robbed Thursday night at the Sunoco on Highway 441.  They  said, in less than 20 seconds, the same masked gunman burst in, pointed a gun at the clerk and ran away with cash.

Marion County sheriff's deputies said the Speedy Food Mart n Silver Springs Shores also was robbed on Thursday by several armed men, according to an incident report.