CDC says flu season to get worse

Feeling down with the flu and not sure whether to go to the emergency room or doctor's office?  Well, we have advice from a doctor.

Dr. Ray Lebeda has been inundated with patients, and he says many are fighting influenza.  He says there' are different stages which require different care.

"When to go to the doctor is if the symptoms are increasing, such as the cough is getting worse, the fever is not going down."

He says he will prescribe something.

"Medicine for the cough, make sure they're taking Motrin and Tylenol for the fever."

But if that fever persists, head to the ER. It could turn into pneumonia or blood infection. While you wait for care, watch out for other sick patients.

"In the ER, if there's a sick person there, try to set a little bit of a barrier between you and him or her."

And when in doubt?

"Keeping the hands away from the face. We touch things all the time, but the face is where a lot of this is transmitted. "

Simple advice, to make it easier on you.  So whether you go to the doctor or ER make sure you use hand sanitizer afterwards.